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Yuyao Jinhai powder pump manufacturer is an excellent mist pump, mist pump box factory. We have very strict requirements for each product, and the use of each pump head is exquisite and even.

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Yuyao Jinhai Glass Plastic Manufactory is a professional China Powder Pump Manufacturers and China Powder Pump supplier. The company is located northwest of Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Products are widely used in daily necessities, cosmetics, medical and other industries. In line with the spirit of "survive by quality, develop by reputation", our company has always established the concept of "customer is God" to ensure processing quality and normal delivery. At present, we have established stable cooperative relations with many related corporate customers at home and abroad. It has a certain reputation in the industry.


Yuyao Jinhai Glass Plastic Products Factory is a company specializing in the production of sprayer accessories.


Our delivery time is very short, and we can prepare goods in advance to meet the high-efficiency needs of customers.


It has 300 sets of advanced polishing machines, 20 sets of automatic polishing machines and other shebs.

Powder Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

What is a mist pump?
A mist pump is a type of pump that is used to generate fine droplets of liquid, typically in the range of 20 to 100 microns in size, which is known as mist. The pump works by forcing a liquid through a small orifice, typically less than 0.5mm in diameter, at high pressure to create a mist or spray.
Mist pumps can be used in a variety of applications where a fine mist of liquid is needed. For example, mist pumps are used in agriculture for the application of pesticides and fertilizers. They are also used in industrial applications such as cooling and humidification, and in the food industry for spraying oils, glazes, and other liquids.
The design of a mist pump depends on the application and the liquid being sprayed. The pump must be able to generate a fine mist that is uniform and consistent in size, and the pump must be able to handle the specific liquid being sprayed, such as viscosity, temperature, and chemical compatibility. The pump may also need to be designed to handle specific operating conditions, such as high pressures, temperatures, or corrosive environments.
Mist pumps can be powered by a variety of sources, such as electric motors or compressed air. The choice of power source will depend on the specific application and the availability of power.
Overall, mist pumps are important tools for creating fine mists of liquid for a variety of applications. The design and operation of the pump must be carefully considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
Here are some precautions for using a mist pump box :
1. Read the instructions carefully before use and follow them closely.
2. Ensure that the mist pump box is placed on a stable, level surface.
3. Do not touch the misting nozzle while it is in operation.
4. Keep the mist pump box away from heat sources and open flames.
5. Do not operate the mist pump box without water in the tank.
6. Regularly clean and maintain the mist pump box according to the manufacturer's instructions.
7. Do not exceed the recommended operating time or frequency for the mist pump box.
8. Keep the mist pump box out of reach of children and pets.
9. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and eye protection, when handling chemicals or cleaning the misting nozzle.
10. If the mist pump box shows any signs of damage or malfunction, stop using it immediately and seek professional assistance.
How does a powder pump work?
A powder pump is a type of pump that is specifically designed for the handling and transfer of dry, powdered materials, such as powders, granules, and other types of bulk solids. Unlike traditional liquid pumps, powder pumps are designed to handle materials that are not easily moved by conventional means due to their particle size, shape, or other characteristics.
The basic operation of a powder pump involves the use of a rotor and stator mechanism. The rotor is a screw-like device that rotates within a stator, which is a cylindrical chamber with a helical groove. The rotor and stator create a series of pockets or cells that trap the powder as the rotor rotates, and then transfer it through the stator as the rotor turns.
As the rotor rotates, the cells in the stator trap and compress the powder, which is then carried along the length of the stator to the discharge outlet. At the discharge outlet, the compressed powder is expelled under pressure, usually into a downstream process or container.
The design of the powder pump is important for achieving efficient and reliable power transfer. The geometry of the rotor and stator, the number of cells in the stator, and the clearance between the rotor and stator can all affect the performance of the pump. It's important to choose a powder pump that is suitable for the specific powder being transferred, including the particle size, shape, and bulk density.
Powder pumps are used in a variety of industries for the handling of dry, powdered materials, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. They can be used to transfer powders from storage containers to processing equipment or to transport powders between different stages of a production process.