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Our company, China clip pump manufacturers and China clip pump suppliers. We are committed to providing excellent quality for customers. We have our own quality inspection process and advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality.

Who we are

Yuyao Jinhai Glass Plastic Manufactory is a professional China Clip Pump Manufacturers and China Clip Pump supplier. The company is located northwest of Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. Products are widely used in daily necessities, cosmetics, medical and other industries. In line with the spirit of "survive by quality, develop by reputation", our company has always established the concept of "customer is God" to ensure processing quality and normal delivery. At present, we have established stable cooperative relations with many related corporate customers at home and abroad. It has a certain reputation in the industry.


Yuyao Jinhai Glass Plastic Products Factory is a company specializing in the production of sprayer accessories.


Our delivery time is very short, and we can prepare goods in advance to meet the high-efficiency needs of customers.


It has 300 sets of advanced polishing machines, 20 sets of automatic polishing machines and other shebs.

Clip Pump Industry Knowledge Extension

Why does cosmetic packaging use clip pump
Cosmetic packaging may use a clip pump for several reasons:
1. Convenient dispensing: Clip pumps are designed to make it easy to dispense small amounts of liquid or cream products from cosmetic containers, such as lotions, serums, and foundations.
2. Hygienic: Controlled dosage
3. Aesthetics: Clip pumps can also add an aesthetically pleasing element to cosmetic packaging, helping to make it stand out on store shelves and appeal to consumers.
Where can a clip pump be used?
Clip pumps can be used in a variety of applications, including:
1. Personal care products: Clip pumps are commonly used in the packaging of personal care products, such as lotions, creams, and hair care products.
2. Home cleaning products: Clip pumps are also used in the packaging of household cleaning products, such as dish soap, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaners.
3. Industrial and automotive products: Clip pumps can also be used in the packaging of industrial and automotive products, such as lubricants, oils, and solvents.
4. Food and beverage products: In some cases, clip pumps may also be used for the dispensing of food and beverage products, such as condiments, syrups, and sauces.
Overall, clip pumps can be used in any application where a controlled and convenient dispensing of liquids or creams is required.
Clip pumps typically have the following structural features:
1. Pump mechanism: A clip pump features a pump mechanism that is used to dispense the product from the container. The pump mechanism may be made of plastic, metal, or a combination of both, and typically includes a piston, a spring, and a valve.
2. Dip tube: The pump mechanism is attached to a dip tube that extends to the bottom of the container. The dip tube is responsible for drawing the product up from the container and delivering it to the pump mechanism.
3. Locking mechanism: Many clip pumps include a locking mechanism that prevents the pump head from being accidentally depressed during transportation, which can help prevent spills and leaks.
4. Clip or collar: As the name suggests, a clip pump includes a clip or collar that secures the pump head to the container. The clip or collar may be made of plastic or metal and is often designed to match the aesthetic of the container.
5. Nozzle or spout: The pump head typically features a nozzle or spout that dispenses the product from the container. The size and shape of the nozzle or spout may vary depending on the product being dispensed and the desired application.