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What Do Rubber Rings Do?

Update:24 Oct 2022

In some inconspicuous corners of life, there are often many small and beautiful things on display. They are inexpensive and powerful. They can be said to be inconspicuous things in life, but at certain times, they are very important and important. It has a great effect, and the rubber ring is such a thing. There are many kinds of it. With different materials and different thicknesses, its function may also change. Let's take a look at Rubber Rings 2 common roles:

1. Tie things, this is the most common function of the rubber ring. It can be used to tie things at any time, such as tying hair, glasses, spoons, etc. It can prevent the hair from being messy, prevent glasses from slipping, and prevent The spoon fell into the soup.

2. Enhance friction. In addition to tying things, the rubber ring can actually enhance the friction between two physical objects. For example, when opening mineral water, if your hands are sweaty and the bottle cannot be opened due to slippage, then You can put a rubber ring on the bottle cap, so that if you open it again, there will be more friction between your hand and the bottle cap, and you can easily open it. On the same principle, such a material can be used in various places where increased friction is required, such as on clothes hangers.