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What Are The Cover Forms Of The Lotion Pump?

Update:02 Apr 2022

Cosmetic lotion, this type of product has a water content of about 10% to 80% and has a certain fluidity. Emulsion cosmetics occupy a certain share in the cosmetics market, therefore, the market consumption of cosmetic packaging lotion bottles is also large. With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, the market demand for lotion bottles is also rising.


The lotion Pump has two forms on the cover, the common one is the emulsion pump with the cover, and the cover is matched by squeezing the emulsion pump, which can effectively control the amount of emulsion squeezed out. It is very popular in the market and has a high penetration rate. The cost is also higher. The other is the ordinary bottle cap packaging, but the bottle mouth is often set very small, which can also effectively control the output of the lotion3, but it is not as convenient as a lotion pump. The main materials of the lotion bottles are acrylic, glass, and metal, and the outer packaging is mainly based on the pursuit of exquisiteness and high-end.


The buyers of lotion bottles are mainly large cosmetic companies, and buyers have a relatively dominant voice in the purchase price, which is a challenge for lotion bottle manufacturers.