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Uses And Classification Of Pe Tubes

Update:04 Nov 2022

Pe Tubes have many extrusion applications such as wire, cable, hose, pipe, and profiles. Tubing applications range from small section yellow pipe for natural gas to 48-in-diameter thick wall black pipe for industrial and urban piping. Large-diameter hollow wall pipes are growing rapidly as a replacement for rainwater drains and other sewer lines made of concrete.

Polyethylene plastic pipes are mainly divided into two categories: high-density polyethylene HDPE (low-pressure polyethylene) and low-density polyethylene LDPE (high-pressure polyethylene). The application of polyethylene materials is very broad, and the field of pipes is only an important aspect of the application field of polyethylene. Due to the differences in the physical properties of HDPE and LDPE, the two materials are different in the field of pipe application: low-density polyethylene (LDPE) has good flexibility. However, the compressive strength is low, so it can only be used for low-pressure and small-diameter pipes. It is often made into coils and used for rural water improvement and some non-long-term use occasions. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is widely used in the field of pressure pipes due to its good compressive properties.