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The Waterproof Principle Of Rubber Rings

Update:09 Sep 2022

Silicone waterproof sealing ring is known for its good waterproof performance, but it is not resistant to water vapor, and it is not recommended to use it when the pressure exceeds 50 Pa. Compatible with most oils, chemicals, and solvents. Generally, silicone rubber has good acid and alkali resistance, and acceptable resistance to polar solvents, but not alkane hydrogen and aromatic oils. It is not recommended to be used in most concentrated solvents, concentrated acids, oils, and diluted caustic soda solutions. Special silicone rubber also has radiation resistance, flame resistance, oil resistance, and other properties. It has low tensile strength and weak wear resistance and is generally not used for dynamic seals.

Rubber Rings are the most commonly used seals in hydraulic cylinders. It is a typical lip seal. It can achieve a good sealing effect whether it is used for a piston or piston rod. Under low pressure, U-rings only rely on lip seals. Due to the small contact area, the friction force is relatively low. As the pressure increases, the elastic deformation of the lip increases, the tensile, compressive, and bending stresses increase, and the radial pressing force of the U-shaped ring automatically increases. When it becomes larger, the length of contact with the sealing surface continues to increase until the entire axial length of the U-shaped ring is in contact with the sealing surface, thereby ensuring good sealing performance under high pressure.

Silicone waterproof sealing ring is a new type of sealing and environmental protection product. It introduces advanced technology from the same industry in developed countries and silica gel as raw material. The silicone waterproof sealing ring manufactured by advanced vulcanization process has high quality and stable performance and is deeply loved by domestic users in the industry. Delong Xingye waterproof sealing ring, fresh-keeping box sealing ring, water cup waterproof sealing ring, and other products are typical of such products. The design makes the sealing ring close to the inner groove and seals well, which can effectively prevent water leakage, dust, air, etc. effects.