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The Scope Of Application Of China Pe Gasket

Update:10 Sep 2021

China PE gasket is suitable for all kinds of bottle cap linings, food bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, pesticide bottle caps, beverage bottle caps, and plays a role of leak-proof filling, as well as sealing gaskets for pump heads and spray heads. Various cosmetics and detergents. , All kinds of cosmetics, medicine, and food packaging containers bottle cap sealing gaskets, metal box caps, sprinkling bottle cap sealing gaskets.


The products of Yuyao Jinhai Pe Gasket Manufacturers can be punched and die-cut in various shapes, specifications, sizes, and shapes according to the size requirements of customers. This product has good sealing performance, good flexibility, resilience, odorless, non-toxic, moisture-proof, and spinnable chemicals. Good performance and other advantages, with corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, waterproof, sealing, and protection.