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The Main Purpose Of Pe Gasket

Update:13 Jan 2023

Pe Gasket features non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, and no independent bubbles. Pearl luster, clean feeling. Lightweight and full of cushioning elasticity. Excellent chemical and oil resistance. Water absorption and moisture permeability are very small. Excellent vacuum holding capacity. PE gasket roll specifications, width: 220MM-240MM, thickness: 0.65MM-2MM. The thickness of the gasket can be arbitrary between 0.6-2mm Choose, the expansion rate can be selected, and the specification can be any specification. This product has the characteristics of no pollution, no corrosion, no dust, no peeling, and no shedding. Cap gaskets are mainly used to add and seal caps.

PVC bottle mats contain a variety of plasticizers that are harmful to the human body. Among them, plasticizers are easy to precipitate into food. Phthalate esters and oxalic acid are carcinogens, causing great safety hazards to food hygiene. Therefore, the relevant state ministries and commissions stipulate that PVC in contact with food will be eliminated in 2011. PE gasket pellets are the main substitute for PVC gasket pellets.

PE gasket particles are made of auxiliary materials such as PE resin and food-grade elastic polymer. Non-toxic and tasteless, without any plasticizing additives, in full compliance with food hygiene requirements, and in line with EU standards.

The scientific name of PE is polyethylene, which is a rapidly degradable thermoplastic resin and is an environmentally friendly material. Divided into high-density polyethylene (HD PE), low-density polyethylene (LD PE), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLD PE).

PE gaskets are suitable for packaging and sealing of food, medicine, cosmetics, oil products, detergents, hair care products, alcohol, and other industries, to isolate pollution, prevent leakage, prolong product life, and increase product added value.

Anti-leakage, fresh-keeping, anti-deterioration, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, moisture-proof, PE plastic bottle aluminum foil gaskets include PE aluminum foil gaskets (separate aluminum foil gaskets) and single-piece PE buffer aluminum foil gaskets, aluminum foil gaskets (made of aluminum foil and cardboard Composition, after electromagnetic induction, the cardboard and aluminum foil will be separated, and the cardboard will stay inside the bottle cap. The One-piece PE cushioning aluminum foil gasket is made of white foam PE and aluminum foil. After electromagnetic induction, a single piece of PE buffer aluminum foil is pasted on the container mouth, and the foamed PE and aluminum foil will not be separated.