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The Daily Storage Principle Of Pe Tubes

Update:22 Jul 2021

Pe Tubes are widely used in the pipe market. Because of their good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-aging, and long service life, they have been widely used by people. In order to facilitate later use, the construction personnel specializes in the design of pipes. The pre-buried hole book has been added, which not only improves the construction speed to a certain extent but also saves the construction cost. Many people don’t know how to store PE pipes during daily use. Let’s take a brief understanding. 

Under normal circumstances, PE pipes should be stored in a dry warehouse at room temperature. If they are straight pipes, they should be laid flat, and the stacking height should not exceed 2m. The perforated pipes in the strips and discs can be laid flat, and heavy pressure or squeezing should be avoided.

It should not be mixed with toxic and harmful substances for storage, and the place where the pipes are stored should be kept away from the heat source and set up a fire prohibition sign. In fact, our PE pipes also have a date of use. Under normal circumstances, storage should not exceed 2 In order to ensure the use effect of the product, it should be checked before use, so as not to affect the normal use in the later period.