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Storage Conditions For Rubber Rings

Update:02 Jun 2022

Storage conditions for Rubber Rings :

1. Temperature: 5-25℃ is the ideal storage temperature. Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight. Seals taken out from low-temperature storage should be placed in an environment of 20°C before use.

2. Humidity: The relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%, avoid being too humid or too dry, and no condensation.

3. Lighting: Avoid sunlight and strong artificial light sources containing ultraviolet rays. UV-resistant bags provide optimum protection. Red or orange paint or film is recommended for warehouse windows.

4. Oxygen and ozone: The rubber material should avoid exposure to circulating air. This can be accomplished by packaging, wrapping, storing in an air-tight container, or other suitable methods. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers. Avoid the following equipment in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical equipment, etc.

5. Deformation: The rubber parts should be placed in a free state as much as possible to avoid tension, compression, or other deformation.