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Rubber Rings Wholesaler Shares How To Properly Maintain Rubber Seals Regularly

Update:22 May 2020

The rubber sealing strip needs regular maintenance, otherwise it will reduce the life of the use, so how exactly does it maintain regularly? The following Rubber Rings Wholesaler tells everyone what to do!


1. Regularly clean and wipe the outer contact surface of the rubber seal

The gap between the rubber seals should be regularly decontaminated. Especially the car seals are easily filled with sand and dust. You should clean the dust with a brush. Generally, try to clean it once a month. Otherwise, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the dust will oxidize the surface, cause rust, and cause aging. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the appearance of the rubber seal will remain as bright as new, thereby extending its service life.


2. Rubber seals use lubricating oil and butter regularly

Especially as the rubber sealing strip of the door and window sealing strip, its role can not be underestimated. It is related to the important performance of the sealing of the door and window (windproof, rainproof), sound insulation, cold protection and dustproof; For important reasons, it is recommended that regular oiling can make the rubber sealing strip not easy to age and can better improve the sealing performance of the sealing strip, ensure that it is not affected, and at the same time reduce the wear with the window pulley to ensure the safety of doors and windows. Guangdong Zhongxiang rubber sealing strip manufacturers remind you that rubber protective agent, lubricating oil and butter should be used for the maintenance of the sealing strip, and edible oil and sewing machine oil must not be used.


3. Don't pull by force

Do not forcibly pull on the rubber seal, and damage its sealing performance at will, causing the rubber seal to fall off.


4. Avoid poor sealing

Normally, a layer of rubber protective agent can be applied to prevent the aging of the rubber sealing strip and avoid poor sealing; if the aging of the automobile sealing strip will lead to inadequate sealing, air leakage, vibration during driving, and increased noise will occur.


5. Pay attention to cracks and deformations

Usually pay attention to whether the rubber sealing strip is cracked or deformed, in order to prevent the rubber sealing strip from hardening, its strength and elasticity are also reduced; more worried about serious, there will be large cracks, resulting in loss of sealing performance. Good consequences. If there are cracks or breaks, you can use the special adhesive for sealing strip to repair.


6. Prevent sun and rain

The rubber seals should try to avoid exposure to sunlight. If exposed for a long time, they will easily be aging, cracking, etc .; and the sealing performance may be greatly reduced. Especially when the rubber sealing strips of doors and windows are exposed to sunlight or heat, the sealing strips become sticky and adhere to the windows and glass, and sometimes "oil seepage" phenomenon occurs, which contaminates the doors and windows and affects the sealing function and aesthetics .