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Rubber Rings Manufacturer Shares The Craftsmanship Of Rubber Products

Update:22 Oct 2020

Rubber Rings Manufacturer introduced that customized rubber products are to ensure the quality of customers' products. It is necessary to develop molds separately, select suitable materials, and match LOGO and packaging to meet the targeted purposes of procurement. The requirements for rubber products must be clear. The requirements mainly include the purpose of the product, the use environment, and the relevant attributes of the product. If everyone does not understand this basic information, the rubber material selected and the production process adopted will be unreasonable. Therefore, there is no doubt that clear requirements are crucial. Rubber products should be distinguished from other plastic products. Only by clarifying the difference between the two can you ensure that the material you choose is correct. In other words, if you want to ensure that the material you choose is rubber, you must know a rubber.

The process includes basic processes such as plasticizing, mixing, calendering or extrusion, molding, and vulcanization. Each process has different requirements for the product, and a number of auxiliary operations are respectively coordinated. In order to add various required compounding agents to the rubber, the raw rubber needs to be plasticized to increase its plasticity; then carbon black and various rubber additives are uniformly mixed with the rubber to form a rubber compound; the rubber compound is pressed The blank is made into a certain shape; then it is combined with the calendered or glued textile material (or metal material) to form a semi-finished product; after vulcanization, the plastic semi-finished product is made into a highly elastic molded product.