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Rubber Rings Manufacturer Introduces How To Choose O-ring Materials

Update:05 Aug 2021

Generally speaking, nitrile rubber for oil resistance, chloroprene rubber for weather and ozone resistance, acrylic rubber or fluorine rubber for heat resistance, polyurethane rubber for high-pressure resistance, and abrasion resistance, copoly chlorohydrin rubber for cold and oil resistance, etc. Below, Rubber Rings Manufacturer introduces how to choose O-ring materials:

1. The working state of the O-ring. This refers to whether the O-ring is used for static sealing or dynamic sealing, and whether it is sliding or rotating.

2. The working state of the machine refers to whether the machine is working continuously or intermittently, and should consider the length of each intermittent time and whether there is an impact load acting on the sealing part.

3. The situation of the working medium is the working medium liquid or gas, and consider its physical and chemical characteristics.

4. The working pressure, the amplitude and frequency of the working pressure, and the maximum pressure that appears instantaneously.

5. The working temperature includes the temperature that appears instantaneously and the temperature of alternating heat and cold

6. Price and source, etc.