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Rubber Rings Manufacturer Introduces 8 Characteristics Of Seal Rings

Update:14 Jan 2021

Sealing rings are widely used in today's life, so below, Rubber Rings Manufacturer will introduce 8 characteristics of sealing rings:

1. The stress relaxation resistance of the seal
The sealing gasket should have good resistance to stress relaxation under the hazards of working pressure load and application temperature, otherwise, it will cause damage to the anchor bolt torque and reduce the surface stress of the sealing ring, and then the bottom air system software will leak.

2. The resilience of the seal
Even when the system software is stable, the two flanges connected will undoubtedly have a slight offset due to the hazards of temperature and working pressure. The ductility of the sealing ring should be able to compensate for this offset to ensure Tightness.

3. The tightness of the seal
For the material of the sealing system software, the sealing gasket will not leak during a certain period during the strongly recommended temperature and working pressure.

4. Sealed fluid density
The surface of the sealing gasket and the flange should be able to conform very well after the connecting anchor bolts are tightened to ensure sealing.

5. The temperature resistance of the seal
The seals used should ensure normal application under the minimum and maximum temperature of the system software.

6. Sealing resistance to chemical corrosion
The sealing ring used should not be eroded by organic chemicals, and it must be free of environmental pollutants.

7. Anti-adhesion of the seal
After application, it should be able to be easily removed from the flange without bonding.

8. Sealed and non-corrosive
The sealing gasket solves the problem of no corrosion on the surface of the connecting flange.