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Reasons For The Deformation Of Rubber Rings

Update:30 Dec 2021

Reasons for the deformation of Rubber Rings :

1. The amount of deflation and the amount of stretch are indispensable factors. Because the composition of rubber O-rings is different, the shrinkage and tension of rubber O-rings manufactured by different companies are also different. Under the condition of long-term contraction, the product can cause the image of stress relaxation of contraction. This kind of condition will expand slowly from time to time. The longer the time, the smaller the contraction amount and the amount of stretching, so that it will stretch. Sexual deficiency causes ejaculation When the exposure situation occurs, the immediate way to change it is to add the cross-section limit of the product, but it will also result in the expansion of the structural characteristics of the product.


2. Temperature is a very critical factor. Temperature is very important for the degree of tension of rubber O-rings. No matter what kind of rubber raw material, it will accelerate its aging rate under continuous high temperatures. When the temperature in the condition is higher, the deformation of gas shrinkage will be greater. When the deformation of the product exceeds 40%, the o-ring will gradually lose its ductility and cause leakage. When the rubber O-ring is installed, the original ground stress will appear. This kind of long-term relaxation of the sleeping ring and the gradual decrease in temperature will gradually subside. In some cases, it is likely to follow the large increase in temperature. Decrease and subside, even if the rubber raw material is resistant to low temperatures, it will not exceed 25% of the ground stress caused at 20 degrees. Therefore, when installing the rubber O-ring, set the original ground stress and take the office environment into consideration. Factors in the temperature.


3. Material pressure is the prime culprit of rubber O-ring deformation. Compared with the above two factors, the working pressure of the material is more harmful to the deformation of rubber O-rings. It is a common situation that causes the deformation of rubber O-rings in working conditions. Following the development trend of intelligent hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses The working pressure of the material is getting higher and higher. The rubber O-ring will cause the O-ring to deform in such a high-pressure working environment for a long time. This kind of deformation is irreversible, so it is necessary to use different pressures for different pressures. For the same raw material, choose relatively compression-resistant rubber raw materials. Correspondingly, in order to solve the higher pressure, the hardness of the rubber ring of the compression-resistant raw material will also increase.