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Quality And Product Features of Lotion Pump

Update:12 Jul 2022

Quality and Product Features of Lotion Pump :

1. Quality description:

1. After assembling and matching with the bottle filled with water, prevent liquid leakage.

2. Good sealing, uniform spray volume, strong corrosion resistance, good exhaust function, safety, and quality standards.

3. The product can be pumped smoothly, and the liquid can be discharged quickly, just once.

4. Good sealing, no water leakage.

5. The spray volume is uniform and the effect is good.

2. Product advantages:

1. Delivery on time.

2. Free samples provide production tests for customers.

3. Accept supporting business, our company is willing to cooperate with various bottle factories to engage in supporting business or OEM production.

4. Inventory: regular color.