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Precautions For Installing Pe Gasket

Update:14 Jan 2021

Precautions for installing Pe Gasket :

1. The sealing line or the sealing surface of the Pe Gasket surface must not be damaged. The plane seal can rely on the upper and lower end faces. The sealing performance of the hydraulic seal is mainly through the lip line matched with the shaft or hole, which is required during installation, handling, and storage. Special care is needed. These parts are made of soft and resilient corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant, aging-resistant graphite, fiber, rubber and plastics, and other vulnerable special materials, so once damaged, it will bring damage to the sealed part. Very big hidden danger.

2. Be very careful when installing the seal, and the embedding step needs to be carried out step by step. During the installation process, do not force the installation with too much action, which will destroy the original prefabricated structure of our seal.

3. The installation of the seals needs to follow symmetry and balance. When installing, place the seals at the position where the lip surface (or effective sealing surface) is just stuck, to prevent changes in the working conditions (such as increased Pressure) caused by the occurrence of micro-leakage, continuous observation and follow-up work of the seal.