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Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces The Maintenance Features Of The Beginning

Update:28 Jan 2021

Steel balls can be divided into three categories: stainless steel balls, bearing steel balls, and carbon steel balls. In addition to the stainless steel ball which has a certain anti-rust function, the finished steel balls of the other two materials need anti-rust oil protection to prevent rust. Plastic Balls Manufacturer recommends that anti-rust oil is an indispensable protective agent and lubricant when bearing steel balls are applied to bearings.


In order to improve the quality of the bearing, save energy consumption, increase the service life of the stainless steel ball and reduce the harm to human health, the content of the rust-proof oil used is also certain. The dehydrated anti-rust oil has a positive effect in current applications. Dehydrated rust preventive oil is made of a dehydrating agent, rust preventive agent, and medium and light petroleum oil. After the bearing steel ball is washed with water-based cleaning fluid, a water film is left on the surface of the steel ball. The interfacial tension between the dehydrating agent of the dehydrated anti-rust oil and the metal surface is smaller than the tension between the tap water or water-based cleaning agent solution and the metal surface. After the dehydrated anti-rust oil contacts the metal, it penetrates into the steel ball through the explosion of the water film on the metal surface. s surface. A thinner layer of humor attached to the surface of the steel ball is formed, which can protect the surface of the steel ball and prevent rust. The steel ball is more wear-resistant and has a long-term anti-rust effect during the use of the bearing assembly.