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Pe Gasket Manufacturer Introduces How To Use Sealing Rubber Ring Correctly

Update:10 Jun 2021

Pe Gasket Manufacturer introduced that the sealing rubber ring uses its elasticity to play a sealing role, and it can usually be divided into two forms: static sealing and dynamic sealing. In static sealing, when the sealing rubber ring is installed in the sealing groove, its cross-section must be compressed and deformed to a certain extent. In the absence of pressure, due to the good elasticity of the sealing rubber ring, a certain pre-contact pressure is generated on the contact surface. When the sealing cavity is filled with pressure oil, under the action of pressure, the sealing rubber ring moves to one side of the groove to close the sealing gap to ensure that the sealing part is leak-free and sealed.

In dynamic sealing, in addition to the above-mentioned static sealing function, the sealing rubber ring also forms a solid boundary oil film between the seal and the reciprocating shaft to play a sealing role. Under normal circumstances, as the number of reciprocations of the shaft increases, the amount of liquid that remains on the outside will increase, and finally, oil droplets will form and fall from the shaft. This situation is called the normal leakage of the dynamic sealing device. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully check the surface quality of the rubber ring, only to make sure that there are no holes, protrusions, grooves, and other gaps on the surface.