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Mist Pump Box Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics Of Cosmetic Packaging

Update:11 Nov 2022

The term cosmetic packaging includes primary and secondary packaging. Primary packaging (also known as a cosmetic container) is used to hold cosmetic products. It is in direct contact with cosmetics. Secondary packaging is the outer packaging of one or more cosmetic containers. An important difference between primary and secondary packaging is that any information needed to clarify the safety of the product must appear on the primary packaging. Otherwise, much of the required information can only appear on the secondary packaging. Cosmetic containers should indicate the distributor's name, ingredients, defined storage, nominal content, product identification (eg batch number), warnings, and instructions for use. The secondary packaging should also carry the distributor's address and information about how the cosmetic product works. Secondary packaging is not required to carry any product identification notices. If the cosmetic is packaged in only one container, that container needs to carry all the information.

Mist Pump Box Manufacturer Introduces The main purpose of cosmetic packaging is to store the product so that it does not degrade due to storage, transportation, and handling. Degradation and damage can be caused by a variety of reasons. These causes can be divided into biological, chemical, and thermal causes, damage caused by radiation, and damage caused by human interactions, electrical sources, or stress..

In addition to protecting the product, packaging also plays an important role in marketing cosmetics. While product quality is a major factor in a product's success, its packaging must be attractive, as this is the essence of beauty marketing. Packaging design must capture the imagination and tie in with an enhanced appearance. One of the keys to attractive packaging is the artistic use of color. The most relevant for marketers is external secondary packaging. However, some cosmetic products are distributed in one cosmetic container.