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How To Use Pe Tubes

Update:05 Aug 2022

How to use Pe Tubes :

1. Before pipeline connection, the pipes, fittings, and ancillary equipment should be checked according to the design requirements, and visual inspection should be carried out on the construction site, and they can be used only if they meet the requirements. The main inspection items include pressure rating, outer surface quality, fit quality, material consistency, etc.

2. Corresponding special heating tools should be used according to different interface forms, and open flames should not be used to heat pipes and fittings.

3. Pipes and pipe fittings of the same grade should be used for pipes connected by welding. For those with similar properties, must be tested first and then qualified.

4. The pipes and fittings should be placed on the construction site for a certain period of time before connecting so that the temperature of the pipes and fittings is consistent.

5. When connecting in cold climates (below 5 degrees) and strong wind conditions, protective measures should be taken or the connection process should be adjusted.

6. The end of the pipe should be clean when the pipe is connected, and the nozzle should be temporarily blocked at each end of work to prevent debris from entering the pipe.

7. Visual inspection should be carried out after the pipeline is connected, and those who fail to pass should be reworked immediately.