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How To Connect Pe Tubes And Valves?

Update:13 Aug 2020

Operation steps for connecting Pe Tubes and valves:

1. According to the metal pipe flange connection requirements, weld a steel flange piece to the end of the steel pipe to be connected;
2. Sleeve another steel flange piece (back pressure looper flange) into the end of the polyethylene PE flange connector (heel pipe end) to be connected;
3. According to the connection requirements of the polyethylene PE pipe, the flat end of the flange connection piece (the heel pipe end) and the polyethylene PE pipe are connected by hot melt or electrofusion;
4. Put the flange gasket or sealing ring into the end surface of the steel flange piece of the metal pipe end and the flange connection piece (heel pipe end), and make the connection surface fit tightly;
5. Install the bolts, evenly tighten the bolts at symmetrical positions, and finally complete the installation.