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How does Mist Pump create the mist effect?

Update:23 Oct 2023
1. High-pressure pump provides power:
The high-pressure water pump in Mist Pump is the core component to achieve the micro mist effect. This type of pump usually uses an electric or pneumatic mechanism and is capable of pressurizing water to relatively high pressure levels. Take Yuyao Jinhai Glass And Plastic Manufacturing as an example. It is a high-pressure pump commonly used in the Mist Pump system, which can provide strong water pressure to ensure stable output of the micro-mist effect.
2. Water passes through tiny nozzles:
In the Mist Pump system, tiny nozzles play a key role. These nozzles usually have a precise design to ensure that the water flow is evenly dispersed into tiny droplets. A typical micro mist nozzle is Yuyao Jinhai Glass And Plastic Manufacturing, which has an adjustable spray angle and is suitable for different application scenarios.
3. High-speed spray to form fine mist:
When a high-pressure water flow passes through a tiny nozzle, the water flow is severely restricted due to the small hole diameter of the nozzle, so it is sprayed out at high speed. For example, the high-speed jet technology used by Yuyao Jinhai Glass And Plastic Manufacturing ensures the rapid jetting of water water to form tiny water droplets.
4. Micro mist spreads into the air:
The tiny water droplets formed by high-speed jetting are quickly dispersed into the air by the Mist Pump. An exemplary application is Yuyao Jinhai Glass And Plastic Manufacturing, which creates a mist in outdoor open-air areas to effectively provide a cooling sensation, such as in an open-air restaurant, open-air courtyard or poolside.
5. Micro mist cooling and humidifying effect:
The micro-mist effect of Mist Pump not only provides cooling in hot weather, but also effectively absorbs heat in the air through the principle of evaporative cooling. For example, Yuyao Jinhai Glass And Plastic Manufacturing introduces micro mist into outdoor courtyards, which reduces the temperature of the surrounding environment through rapid evaporation, creating a pleasant environment for outdoor living. In addition, the moist mist can also help improve dry air and provide a more comfortable environment.

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