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Glass Ball Wholesaler Introduces The Production Process Of Steel Balls

Update:03 Dec 2020

The steel ball is a frequently-contacted part, and its quality directly determines the length of the bearing life. Similarly, steel balls are also very important to the performance and life of mechanical equipment and vehicles. Then Glass Ball Wholesaler will introduce the production process of steel balls.


1. Wire drawing: use a wire drawing machine to draw the wire to the required diameter for making steel balls;


2. Cold heading: After the wire is drawn, put the drawn wire into the steel ball cold heading machine, and upset it into a ball embryo by the steel mold in the machine;


3. Light ball: After the cold heading is completed, grind the two cast iron balls in the light ball machine, and then use a circular plate to re-press and polish the cold-headed ball embryo to remove the outer ring and two poles on the ball embryo;


4. Softball: After the process of the light ball is finished, two pieces of cast iron from the softball machine are needed to complete the ball grinding step, and the light ball embryo is polished with a circular plate to make the ball embryo have the required ball diameter and surface roughness. degree;


5. Heat treatment: Put the steel ball into the heat treatment furnace, add carburizing and quenching, and then temper, so that the ball has a certain hardness, enhance its toughness and crushing load;


6. Hard grinding: It uses the grinding wheel disc in the grinding machine to press and grind the ball embryo through heat treatment to remove the black oxide layer on the surface of the steel ball and to correct the accuracy;


7. Lapping/polishing cleaning: Lapping: refers to the grinding ball embryo of the steel ball into the lapping machine to make the steel ball reach the required level of the finished product; polishing cleaning: refers to pouring the steel ball into polishing Rotate in the drum, and use a polishing cleaning agent, plus water cleaning to make the spherical surface clean and bright;


8. Packing: Coat the steel ball with anti-rust oil and put it into a carton or woven bag to complete the final packing.