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Features Of POM Plastic Balls

Update:08 Oct 2021

Features of POM Plastic Balls :
(1) POM does not need to be dried before processing. It is best to preheat (about 80°C) during processing, which is good for the dimensional stability of the product.
(2) The processing temperature of POM is very narrow (0~215℃), it will decompose when it stays in the barrel for a little longer or the temperature exceeds 220℃, and produce strong irritating formaldehyde gas.
(3) The holding pressure of the POM material should be relatively large (similar to the injection pressure) to reduce the pressure drop. The screw speed should not be too high and the residual volume should be small.
(4) POM products have a large shrinkage rate, which is easy to shrink or deform. POM has a large specific heat and a high mold temperature (80~100℃).
(5) POM should be molded and processed under the conditions of "medium pressure, medium speed, low material temperature, and higher mold temperature". The mold temperature needs to be controlled when precision products are molded.
(6) It has high mechanical strength and rigidity.
(7) The highest fatigue strength.
(8) Good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance.
(9) Strong resistance to repeated impact, good electrical properties, good recovery, self-lubricating, good wear resistance, and excellent dimensional stability.