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Basic Functions Of Lotion Pump

Update:06 Jan 2023

Basic functions of Lotion Pump :

1. Sealing function. That every consumer is unwilling to accept a product whose contents have leaked/seeped out of the surface of the bottle. After the lotion pump and the bottle are filled and packaged, the sealing function is one of the important requirements to ensure the storage and transportation of bottled products. With the development of electronic technology and the improvement of automation level, the fully automatic inflatable lotion pump full inspection test machine is the standard configuration in the production process of spray pump.

2. The pumping function of the lotion pump. The characteristic of the lotion pump is that it can pump out the same volume of liquid every time for the consumer to use, so the pumping function is also one of the important requirements. In the manufacturer, the most intuitive way to verify this function is: to open the lotion pump and press the head down to the end point of the stroke, block the liquid inlet of the main body with the fingers of the other hand, release the head to let it go naturally Rebound, the skin on the surface of the finger will feel sucked (commonly known as "suction"), and the lotion pump can even be hung upside down on the finger. This is one of the main ways for the manufacturer to confirm whether the pump-out function is intact.