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What are the structural features of Powder Pump?

Update:06 May 2024

Pump body structure: The pump body of Powder Pump is usually made of high-strength metal materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy. This material has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, allowing it to maintain stable performance in harsh working environments. The flow channel design inside the pump body is very important. It can effectively improve the powder transportation efficiency, reduce energy loss, and ensure the smooth flow of powder inside the pump body.

2. Sealing structure: The sealing structure of the Powder Pump is very critical, which directly affects the sealing performance and service life of the pump body. Usually, a multi-layer sealing design is used, such as a combination of rubber sealing ring and mechanical seal, to ensure a firm connection and reliable sealing between the pump body and the pipeline. A good sealing structure can effectively prevent the leakage of powder and the entry of external substances, and protect the equipment from contamination and damage.

3. Inlet and outlet: The inlet and outlet of the Powder Pump are reasonably designed to make it more convenient and faster to connect to the conveying system or pipeline. The feed inlet is usually equipped with an appropriate charging device, such as a feeding hopper or a screw conveyor, to ensure that the powder enters the inside of the pump body smoothly. The discharge port is usually equipped with a valve or nozzle to control the output flow and direction of the powder to meet different process requirements.

4. Transmission structure: The transmission structure of the Powder Pump uses an electric motor or a pneumatic drive device. The power is transmitted to the pump body through the transmission device, driving the impeller or screw in the pump body to rotate, thereby realizing the suction and discharge of powder. The stability and reliability of the transmission structure are crucial to ensuring the normal operation of the pump body.

5. Filtration device: In order to prevent dust or impurities from entering the inside of the pump body, Powder Pump is usually equipped with a filtration device, such as a filter screen or filter. These filtering devices can effectively filter impurities in the air, keep the inside of the pump body clean, and prevent clogging or damage during powder delivery.

6. Control system: Some Powder Pumps are equipped with intelligent control systems, which can realize automatic control and adjustment of powder transportation. Through the control system, users can easily adjust the conveying flow, pressure and speed to achieve precise conveying control. Intelligent control systems can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the stability and reliability of the powder conveying process.

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