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What are the special applications of glass balls in the cosmetics industry and how to improve the texture of cosmetics?

Update:09 Oct 2023
1. Mixing and stirring effect: The use of glass balls in liquid foundation and concealer is a classic example. By adding glass beads to products, cosmetics can mix colors and ingredients more evenly, ensuring consistent shade and coverage when applied. For example, some liquid foundation bottles have built-in spherical rolling balls, and users can shake the bottle to fully mix the liquid before use.
2. Shock and heat dissipation: Liquid lipstick and eye shadow often adopt a roller-ball design, which contains small glass balls. These glass balls vibrate when used, helping to make the liquid more fluid and ensuring a uniform texture in the product. Moreover, this design also helps prevent product from settling in the bottle and improves its service life.
3. Texture improvement: In some powder products, such as loose powder or blush, small glass balls are added to help break up the particles and make the powder more delicate. This helps improve the feel of the product, making it easier to apply to the skin and make the makeup look more even and natural.
4. Massage effect: The roller ball design in facial essences and skin care products provides users with the added benefit of massage. For example, ball-shaped roller balls in eye creams or lip care products can increase blood circulation through massage and reduce puffiness under the eyes or dry lips. This massage effect not only improves the absorption rate of the product, but also increases the user's skin care experience.
5. Preservation and antisepsis: In some cosmetics with sensitive ingredients, such as certain natural ingredients or vitamin C, the design of the roller-ball bottle can provide better sealing, reduce the entry of oxygen, effectively preserve freshness and prevent the ingredients from being oxidized.
6. Innovative design: In addition to functionality, glass balls also play an innovative role in packaging design. Some brands use unique shaped ball designs, such as heart-shaped, star-shaped, etc., to make the product more attractive in appearance and arouse consumers' curiosity, thus improving the market competitiveness of the product.