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What Are The Applications Of Pe Tubes

Update:08 Apr 2021

Pe Tubes are used a lot in daily life. Because of the different environments used, their functions are naturally different. Let's take a look at where Pe Tubes are used.

1.Urban and rural tap water pipeline system:
 The pe pipe is sanitary, non-toxic, non-scaling, more suitable for urban and rural water supply main pipes and buried pipes, safe, sanitary, economical, convenient for construction, and long service life.
2.Urban gas transmission pipeline:
 Because the pe pipe has better creep resistance and economy, it will gradually replace the ductile iron pipe for urban gas transportation.

3. Landscaping water supply network:
Landscaping requires a lot of water pipelines, and the flexibility and low cost of PE pipes make it the best choice.

4. Pipes for sewage discharge:
PE pipes have unique corrosion resistance and can be used for industrial wastewater and sewage discharge, with low cost and maintenance costs.

5. Agricultural irrigation pipes:
The PE pipe has a smooth inner wall, large flow can be constructed across roads, and has good impact resistance. It is an ideal pipe for agricultural irrigation.