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Scope Of Application Of Plastic Balls

Update:20 May 2022

Plastic balls are suitable for making various industrial, agricultural, and civil plastic products. For example, polyethylene film has been widely used as packaging bags for various foods and medicines. Polyvinyl chloride film has been widely used as a packaging container for chemical fertilizers. Below, the characteristics of Plastic Balls are:

1. Most plastics are light in weight, chemically stable, and will not rust;

2. Good impact resistance;

3. It has good transparency and wears resistance;

4. Good insulation and low thermal conductivity;

5. The general formability and colorability are good, and the processing cost is low;

6. Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate, and are easy to burn;

7. Poor dimensional stability and easy to deform;

8. Most plastics have poor low-temperature resistance, become brittle at low temperature, and are easy to age;

9. Some plastics are easily soluble in solvents.