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Rubber Rings Manufacturer Introduces The Use Of Glass Balls

Update:10 Jun 2021

The glass has excellent performance and can be used on many occasions. Stained glass and hot-melt glass can be used in interior decoration, and the style is changeable; when you need to protect personal safety, it is suitable to use tempered glass, laminated glass, and other safety glass; when you need to adjust the brightness and protect privacy, you may wish to use frosted glass and dimming Glass, convenient and durable. Next, Rubber Rings Manufacturer introduces the use of glass balls:

1.The raw material for the production of glass fiber. The production of glass fiber by platinum crucible wire drawing of glass balls has been used in my country for decades.

2.Glass balls can be used as fillers for some special purposes to disperse the concentrated incoming materials into thin streams, reduce the impact of materials, and make them flow smoothly.

3. Many industries use glass balls as grinding bodies, such as the paint industry and colloidal material production companies.

4. Glass balls can be used as arts and crafts or decorations. For example, in Central Asia, glass balls are used as decorations.