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Rubber Rings Factory Introduces The Characteristics Of Natural Rubber

Update:08 Apr 2021

Rubber Rings Factory introduces the characteristics of natural rubber:

1.Physical properties: natural rubber has high elasticity at room temperature, slightly plasticity, very good mechanical strength, low hysteresis loss, low heat generation during multiple deformations, so its flex resistance is also very good. And because it is a non-polar rubber, it has good electrical insulation properties.

2. Chemical properties: Because of the unsaturated double bond, natural rubber is a substance with a strong chemical reaction ability. Light, heat, ozone, radiation, flexural deformation, copper, manganese, and other metals can promote the aging of rubber. Inability to resist aging is the Achilles heel of natural rubber. However, natural rubber with anti-aging agents sometimes does not show much change after two months of exposure to the sun, and can still be used as usual after three years of storage in a warehouse.

3. Medium resistance: natural rubber has good alkali-resistance, but it is not resistant to strong acid. Since natural rubber is a non-polar rubber, it can only be resistant to some polar solvents but swells in non-polar solvents. Therefore, its oil resistance and solvent resistance are very poor. Generally speaking, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, carbon disulfide, ethers, Higher ketones, and higher fatty acids have a dissolving effect on natural rubber, but its solubility is affected by the degree of mastication, while lower ketones, lower esters, and alcohols are non-solvents for natural rubber.