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Production Requirements For Steel Balls

Update:27 Jan 2022

Speaking of Steel Balls , everyone has seen them. They are widely used in our lives, ranging from bearings to small ballpoint pen tips, especially in the machinery industry. Steel balls are indispensable, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, Many mechanical parts are inseparable from it, so the question is, how are these large and small steel balls processed and produced?


The prototype of the steel ball is the steel bar. We choose the steel bar to be used according to the size of the steel ball, and then send it to the high-temperature furnace for quenching.


Two helical axle wheels exert force to cut the steel bar into a sphere, which can be pressed out hundreds or even thousands in one minute. The ball enters the screw shaft, starts to process the burrs and pits on the surface, and starts probabilistic detection at the same time.


Do it again. After that, the ball passes through the conveyor belt, moves continuously, is repeatedly polished, cooled in water, and finally made harder, and then "out of the pot" and shape. Our common steel balls include bearing steel balls, stainless steel balls, carbon steel balls, alloy steel balls, etc. Although steel balls are always ignored and the volume is not very large, they are indispensable in the transmission world. The mechanical parts are useless without the steel balls.