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Plastic Balls Have 4 Unique Advantages

Update:21 Jan 2022

Plastic Balls have good overall performance and fatigue resistance. Specifically reflected in the following aspects:


1. In terms of mechanical properties, POM plastic ball is a highly crystalline polymer with high elastic modulus, high hardness, and stiffness, and it can be used for a long time between -40 and 100 degrees. And impact resistance, strength change is small.

2. In terms of thermal properties, POM plastic balls have a higher thermal deformation temperature.

3. In terms of chemicals, there is no room temperature solvent in the basic structure of the POM plastic ball. POM plastic balls have outstanding corrosion resistance and oil resistance. Especially in high-temperature conditions, it has very good corrosion resistance. And the size and mechanical strength change little.

4. In terms of electrical properties, one of the good electrical properties of POM plastic balls is that the dielectric constant is not affected by temperature and humidity.