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Pe Tubes Selection Skills

Update:15 Oct 2020

Pe Tubes has a wide range of applications in our lives. As a product with significant advantages, we need to know how to choose a satisfactory product. Let's take a look at it together:


1. Safety and reliability
This is an important principle in the construction of PE water pipes because the construction of PE water pipes are pressure pipes, and once the water leaks and bursts, it will cause losses to the building and people’s property. The pipe should be able to withstand vibration and shock, water hammer, thermal expansion, and contraction, etc., and withstand the test of time without leaking or bursting.


2. Hygiene
Obviously, the pipes currently on the market must meet the standards, and they can only be put on the market after being tested by a nationally recognized testing department. As far as our current hygiene standards are concerned, the PE water pipes in buildings are all within the scope of hygiene permits.


3. Energy saving
Not only PE pipes but also any pipes from raw material extraction and synthesis, cadmium melting, mill rolling, injection extrusion, all consume energy. From a macro perspective, metal pipes consume more energy than plastic pipes. In the composite process, the steel-plastic composite pipe using the thermal expansion and spraying composite process consumes more energy than metal pipes, and thick-walled pipes consume more energy than thin-walled pipes.


4. Economy
Under the premise of satisfying the use of safe water supply, use the pipe with the least amount of money. While comparing the prices of pipes, it is also necessary to compare the prices of pipe fittings, as well as the construction and installation costs.

5. Sustainable development
Any kind of pipe can be used by people, and one of the important reasons is that it can be recycled and reused and does not produce new pollution.