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Pe Gasket Manufacturer Introduces The Cleaning Method Of Ptfe Gasket

Update:15 Jul 2021

Pe Gasket Manufacturer introduced that PTFE gaskets have good corrosion resistance and only act on molten alkali metals and fluorine elements under high temperature and high pressure. PTFE does not absorb water, is not affected by oxygen or ultraviolet rays, and has excellent weather resistance. After 3 years of outdoor exposure, the tensile strength remained almost unchanged.

PTFE gaskets are clean and can be used to seal contaminated parts such as food and medicine. The gasket will not cause the sealing stress to disappear due to the oxidation effect like graphite and finally lead to the sealing failure. It has a maximum temperature of 982°C (1800°F), which is very suitable for internal combustion engine exhaust systems, nitrogen fertilizer treatment, high-temperature steam generators, and many other high-temperature conditions. The PTFE gasket has a low coefficient of friction, is difficult to adhere to, and is easy to install and disassemble. The PTFE gasket has high mechanical strength and can be rotated. It has good performance and can be easily processed into various sealing products. The structure and sealing effect of high-temperature O-type gasket: high-temperature material is a graphite-like layered physical structure, which is equivalent to graphite with good sealing performance and low porosity, but the main difference from graphite is that it operates at extremely high temperatures. Under the conditions, it will not oxidize at all and maintain good sealing performance.