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The Role Of Pe Gasket And Precautions For Installation

Update:12 Jun 2020

Pe Gasket is characteristic is that it should have good sealing performance within the working pressure and a certain temperature range, and can automatically improve the sealing performance as the pressure increases.


Its role is to make the friction between the equipment and moving parts small, and the coefficient of friction should be stable. Moreover, it has strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to age, has a long service life, and has good wear resistance. After wear, it can be automatically compensated to a certain extent. The structure is simple, easy to use and maintain, and has a long service life.


Its installation notes are as follows:
1. Clean the installation location;
2. Remove burrs when installing seals;
3. Apply lubricant to the seal;
4. Protect the sealing surface from damage;
5. Check and confirm the correct size of the seal;
6. Use appropriate tools to install seals that require deformation.