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Mist Pump Box Suppliers Share The Difference Between Single And Double Spray Pump Heads

Update:17 Jul 2020

Mist Pump Box suppliers share the difference between single-channel pressure spray pump heads and dual-channel spray pump heads:


The single-channel pressure spray pump head is also called a simple centrifugal nozzle. As the name implies, it uses a swirling member in the nozzle to generate liquid rotation, and accelerates the spray of the FFJ heart diffusion cone oil film in the converging channel, using the high-speed difference between the liquid and the outside air. And broken and atomized. The centrifugal force of the cyclone is used, so the cyclone is the key component. The swirl chamber and nozzle connected to the swirler (sheet) are equally important. They can be combined into one (collectively called atomizer), or they can be divided into single parts.


The dual oil pressure spray pump head has two oil paths (main and auxiliary oil paths or primary and secondary oil paths) to supply oil. When the fuel supply of the combustion chamber is low, that is, under low operating conditions (such as the slow engine state of the engine), only the auxiliary oil channel (one channel) supplies fuel. As the fuel supply increases, the fuel pressure increases to a certain value. The oil separation valve (spring valve) inside or outside the nozzle is opened, and the main and auxiliary oil channels supply oil at the same time. The double circuit is an improved type of single-channel pressure spray pump head. Its outstanding advantages are the large range of oil volume adjustment, and it can ensure low operating conditions (low oil supply). Due to the small diameter of the auxiliary oil channel nozzle, the oil pressure is still available. Higher, can get better atomization quality (especially for the dual-channel dual-chamber dual-nozzle nozzle, for the dual-channel single-jet nozzle nozzle to reliably increase the swirl speed), can meet the aviation gas turbine under different working conditions of high and low altitude Requirements for stable combustion and complete combustion. Therefore, the two-way nozzle has been widely used in aviation gas turbines, and it is also widely used on ground combustion engines.