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Mist Pump Box Manufacturers Introduces The Part Knowledge Of Lotion Pump

Update:08 Jul 2021

Lotion pumps are related products for beauty salons, medicine, washing packaging, and cosmetic packaging. Next, Mist Pump Box Manufacturers introduces the knowledge of the parts of the lotion pump:

Distributors are divided into two types: tie-type and screw-type. In terms of function, they are divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve, and airless bottle.

The size of the pump head is determined by the caliber of the matching bottle. The spray specification is 12.5mm-24mm, and the water output is 0.1ml/time—0.2ml/time. It is generally used for packaging perfumes, gel water, and other products. The same diameter takes over. The length of the bottle can be determined according to the height of the bottle.

The lotion pump head has a wide range of 16ml to 38ml, with a water output of 0.28ml/time-3.1ml/time, and is generally used for creams and washing products.

Special dispensers such as foam pump heads and hand-button sprinklers. The foam pump head is a non-gas-filled hand-pressure pump head, which does not need to be filled to produce foam, and can produce quantitative high-quality foam with light pressure. It is usually equipped with a special bottle. Hand-button sprinklers are usually used in products such as detergents.

The composition of the dispenser is more complicated, generally including dust cover, snap head, snap rod, gasket, piston, spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, straw, valve ball (with steel ball, glass ball). Bottle caps and dust-proof caps can be colored, electroplated, and can be covered with anodized aluminum rings.