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Mist Pump Box Manufacturer Introduces The Benefits Of Using Airless Bottles

Update:29 Apr 2021

Mist Pump Box Manufacturer introduces the benefits of using airless bottles.

1. Airtight packaging blocks the air and prevents microbial pollution

The structure of the vacuum bottle is very tight, which can isolate the air well and avoid the risk of contamination by external microorganisms from the source. After the problem of external pollution is solved, the preservative of the product can naturally reduce its added concentration accordingly. The birth of vacuum packaging materials allows the preservative system to be established in accordance with the critical concentration, avoiding the problem of sensitive skin with intolerance to preservatives, making the product gentler and safer and avoiding pollution problems caused by improper use.

2. Airtight packaging blocks the air, and the active ingredients are more stable

The excellent airtightness of the airless bottle can prevent the skincare products from coming into contact with oxygen in large amounts, help delay the oxidation and deactivation of active ingredients, and maintain the "freshness" of the skincare products.

3. The discharge volume of the pump head is accurate and controllable

The vacuum bottle pump head has the same accurate amount every time it is pressed in normal use, and there will be no problem of too much or too little material in normal use, so it is convenient for you to control the appropriate amount to avoid waste or rubbing too much. The problem. However, ordinary wide-mouth, squeeze packaging is not easy to accurately control the dosage, and the process of use will become more troublesome.