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Pe Tubes Manufacturer Introduces Two Major Categories Of Silicone

Update:19 Jun 2020

Pe Tubes manufacturer analyzes that silica gel can be divided into two categories: organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel according to its nature and composition.


Inorganic silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material, usually made by reacting sodium silicate with sulfuric acid, and after a series of post-treatment processes such as aging and acid bubbles. Silica gel is an amorphous substance. Its chemical formula is mSiO2.nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, and has stable chemical properties. It does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Various types of silica gel have different microporous structures due to different manufacturing methods. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many characteristics that are difficult to replace by other similar materials: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, and high mechanical strength. It is used as a desiccant for household use. Humidity Regulators, deodorants, etc.; industrial use as oil hydrocarbon decolorizers, catalyst carriers, pressure swing adsorbents, etc.; separation and purification agents for fine chemicals, beer stabilizers, paint thickeners, toothpaste friction agents, matting agents, etc.


Organic silica gel is an organosilicon compound, which refers to a compound containing Si-C bond, and at least one organic group is directly connected to the silicon atom. It is customary to often use oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. to make the organic group and silicon Atom-linked compounds are also regarded as organosilicon compounds. Among them, the polysiloxane composed of silicon-oxygen bond (-Si-O-Si-) as the skeleton is the most widely studied, most widely used and most widely used organosilicon compound, accounting for more than 90% of the total dosage .