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Airless Bottle Can Be A Good Solution To The Oxidation Problem Of Skin Care Products

Update:03 Mar 2023

The safety, sealing, and light transmittance of skin care product containers directly affect the freshness, effect, and activity of skin care products. The airless bottle is the best bottle to solve the oxidation/qualitative change of the skin care product paste due to contact with air/bacteria.

Vacuum bottles are different from ordinary containers that use long tubes to absorb skin care products, or simply use a lid to cover. The vacuum bottle uses the vacuum short tube and the bottom piston to remove the air in the bottle, and the internal vacuum is made by pressing. This technology can prevent the contents from coming into contact with the air, remove doubts about product oxidation and deterioration, and achieve the benefits of anti-oxidation, anti-pollution, and no residue.

Do not open the bottle during use. If you accidentally open it, cover it back as soon as possible, so as not to affect the use of the vacuum pump due to the zero pressure difference between the inside and outside of the bottle. Although the vacuum bottle can be reused, it should be replaced regularly, so as not to use it for too long and cause the bottle to be polluted. At the same time, be careful not to let foreign matter enter the vacuum bottle when disassembling.

Precautions for use of skin care products:

1. Choose a cleansing product suitable for your skin. For oily skin, choose a cleansing product with strong oil control performance, and add water in the follow-up, paying attention to the balance of water and oil.

For dry skin, it is best to use cleansing products with moisturizing functions, supplemented with oily products, pays attention to hydration, and balance water and oil. The principle of determining whether it is suitable or not is that after cleansing, the skin does not feel tight, nor does it feel "as if it has not been washed clean".

2. The frequency of using cleansing products to clean the face should be determined according to the skin condition of the day, generally speaking, once in the morning and evening. If the skin feels that the oil secretion is a little strong at noon, you can increase it once at noon.

3. When using cleansing products, pay attention to the proper technique. After wetting the face, pour the cleansing product into the palm of your hand. After kneading the foam, use your fingertips to massage along the corner of the mouth to the corner of the eye, and the forehead along the center of the brow to the temple, from the bottom Gently knead upwards and from the inside out. Be careful not to use cleansing products on the eyes.

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