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How To Scientifically Improve The Service Life Of Pe Tubes

Update:15 Apr 2022

How to scientifically improve the service life of Pe Tubes :

1. It is the main raw material. The top domestic PE raw materials can basically achieve anti-aging for 50 years. However, due to the different needs of customers, not many PE pipes are made of national standard PE materials. Therefore, the materials sometimes have slightly fewer indicators. If it lacks a little, then it has a certain impact on anti-aging.

2. In the production process, some manufacturers cut corners in production in order to seek high profits. For example, the difference in wall thickness exceeds the range, for example, the mechanical equipment is unstable, resulting in more impurities inside the pipe, etc., which affects the pressure bearing capacity of the PE pipe itself.

3. The use method, environment, and other construction of PE pipe will also have a certain impact on the damage or friction of the pipe itself. Damage to the pipe itself will reduce the service life of the PE pipe.

4. Although the PE pipe can be anti-corrosion, it will have a great impact on the service life when encountering a particularly harsh environment, such as strong acid and alkali, high temperature (greater than 60°), or long-term freezing, etc. The service life of the pipe in the national standard of 50 years means that at a temperature of 23°, the change in temperature will reduce the life of the PE pipe by a certain percentage.