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How To Prevent The Vertical Expansion And Contraction Of Pe Tubes

Update:04 Mar 2021

Longitudinal elasticity refers to the thermal expansion and contraction of Pe Tubesduring construction in winter or summer, which can easily damage PE tubes. So how to prevent the longitudinal elasticity of Pe tubes during construction.

1.It should be laid in a serpentine shape in the pipe trench, with a slight tortuous arc, leaving a margin of flexibility, and when installing the PE tubes, there should be no elastic device as much as possible, or a double coil short pipe should be used to replace the elastic device.
2.When the buttresses and town piers are manufactured, both sides should be simultaneously poured with concrete at one time.
3.The bottom layer of PE tubes must be cushioned with fine sand and not less than 100 mm.
4.After the PE tubes are installed, backfilling operations on both sides and pipes larger than 500mm should be done. It is necessary to backfill and compact, and the backfill compaction coefficient is not less than 95%.
5.When installing in a hot climate, the construction should be carried out from night to 8 o'clock in the morning as much as possible. The atmospheric temperature is low, the pipeline is properly shortened, and then the backfill and the later interface meet, and it is necessary to layer and compact to avoid the pipeline expansion and contraction Large internal stress damage.