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How does the design structure of Trigger Sprayer affect the spray effect?

Update:20 May 2024
1.Nozzle design: The design of the nozzle is crucial to the spray effect. Porous nozzles are often used to create a fine mist spray, which is very effective for evenly covering a surface with liquid, such as when spraying plants or spraying cleaners. The single-hole nozzle produces a more concentrated spray and is suitable for scenes that require localized precise spraying, such as dotting liquids or drug sprays.

2. Pump pressure and volume: The design parameters of the pump directly affect the pressure and flow of the liquid, which in turn affects the intensity and range of the spray. Higher pressure and volume generally mean more powerful spray, which is important for missions that require long distance spraying or covering a wide area. However, for some applications that require a fine, gentle spray, such as perfume or skin care sprays, lower pressures and volumes are more suitable.

3. Spray angle adjustment: The adjustable spray angle function in the Trigger Sprayer allows users to adjust the direction of the spray as needed, thereby improving the flexibility and convenience of use. For example, during cleaning work, users may need to adjust the spray angle to vertical to cover a wider area, while when spraying liquids finely, the spray angle can be adjusted to horizontal for more precise results.

4. Valves and seals: The design quality of the valves and seals in the Trigger Sprayer is directly related to the stability and continuity of the spray. A high-quality valve can ensure the continuous stability of the liquid during injection and avoid intermittent injection. The sealing performance of the seal is crucial. It can prevent the liquid from leaking during non-injection, extending the service life of the product and ensuring user experience.

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