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Glass Ball Washing Process

Update:03 Feb 2023

Before Glass Ball is used, it must be washed, that is, the appearance of the user is re-inspected. Generally, a drum-type ball washing machine is used to wash in hot water above 80°C to clean the dust and dirt on the surface of the glass balls. The cleaned glass balls are selected according to the appearance quality standards. The glass balls cleaned by the ball selection system flow through the "bottom" and the frosted glass workbench of the fluorescent lamp, and the appearance defects are inspected with the naked eye.

1. Use two kinds of perforated steel ball sieves with apertures of 20.2mm and 18.8mm to check the diameter of the glass balls, check the roundness with a vernier caliper, and pick out the balls that are too large or too small, special-shaped balls, broken balls, bonded balls, and twin balls .

2. Pick out air bubble balls, raw material stone balls, refractory stone balls, thread balls, alkali-free phase separation balls and crystal balls according to the standard; pick out oily balls, red balls (rust), white balls (alkali powder); Pick out deep groove balls and badly scissored balls.

3. Generally, 300 packs are taken as a batch, and 10 packs are randomly selected, and 50 balls are selected from each pack as samples for appearance inspection. Stone defects are not larger than 1% of the sample ball; the total pass rate is not less than 97%. , the batch of balls is qualified in appearance. Otherwise, the batch of balls will be judged as unqualified.

4. Qualified glass balls, either in bags or boxes, are hoisted to the platform of the wire drawing unit, or hoisted into high-level ball boxes and ball bins for standby. When in use, it is transported to the ball adding machine manually or through a chute.