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Glass Ball Manufacturer Shares Solutions For Moldy Rubber Rings

Update:31 Jul 2020


The washing machine is one of the appliances that are used very frequently in our family life, but many people do n’t know that if the washing machine is used for a long time and it has not been cleaned properly, the washed clothes will not be clean, and it will cover a lot. Bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye, the rubber ring of the washing machine is prone to mold if used for a long time. Let's follow the Glass Ball Manufacturer to see why the rubber ring of the washing machine is moldy.


The mold of the rubber ring of the washing machine is caused by long-term humidity. Afterwards, each time you finish washing the clothes, open the door, wait for the water to dry, and then close it. This will evaporate the residual moisture in the washing machine and will not regenerate mold. To a large extent, the musty smell of the washing machine is eliminated. The other thing is that the washing machine must not be placed in a corner with poor ventilation such as a kitchen bathroom. It should be placed in a south-facing balcony. At the very least, you must find a well-ventilated place. The washing machine is related to Our daily clothes, food, and shelter are really confusing. After washing the clothes door, you can leave him alone. Let the air circulate, so that it will not be so easy to have a musty smell. It is the same reason as opening the window at home to remove bacteria.


If you want to clean the rubber ring of the washing machine by yourself, use baking soda powder and white vinegar to add water, and then add it. Do not put clothes. Turn the washing machine on and let him spin for a few minutes. The effect will be much better. To avoid the washing machine idling, you can put a clean towel. It is recommended to clean once a month. Fourth, if you are too lazy to do the above, there are many washing machine cleaning services on the market. You can clean the washing box, sewage outlet, rubber ring, inner and outer cylinder interlayer, appearance, etc. of the washing machine at a comprehensive price. The price is not expensive. It is about 100 yuan. It is recommended to find a professional person to clean it every three months, so that it is more reliable to use.