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Different Characteristics Of Rubber Rings Of Different Materials

Update:22 Feb 2022

Different characteristics of Rubber Rings of different materials:

1. Fluorine rubber: It has high-temperature resistance, can be used in an environment of -30℃-+250℃, strong oxidant resistance, oil resistance, acid, and alkali resistance. Usually used in high temperature, high vacuum, and high-pressure environments, suitable for oil environment. Due to its various excellent properties, fluororubber is widely used in petroleum, chemical, aviation, aerospace, and other sectors.

2. Silicone rubber: It has outstanding high and low-temperature resistance, maintains good elasticity in the temperature range of -70°C-+260°C, has the advantages of ozone resistance and weather resistance, and is suitable for sealing lining in thermal machinery. pad. Because it does not have any toxicity, it can be used to make thermal insulation, insulation products, and medical rubber products.

3. Nitrile rubber: It has excellent oil resistance and aromatic solvent performance, but it is not resistant to ketones, esters, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Therefore, oil-resistant sealing products are mainly made of nitrile rubber.

4. Neoprene rubber: It has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical medium, and other properties, but it is not resistant to aromatic oils. It is characterized by excellent weather resistance and ozone aging resistance. In production, chloroprene rubber is usually used to make door and window sealing strips and diaphragms, and general vacuum sealing products;

5. EPDM: It has good temperature resistance, weather resistance, and ozone aging resistance, and is usually the most widely used indoor and window sealing strip and the automotive industry.

6. PTFE composite gasket is a new type of sealing material that is made of PTFE and high-quality all-in-one rubber and is compounded by a special production process. It combines the excellent characteristics of PTFE and rubber, making The product not only has excellent corrosion resistance, but also high-temperature resistance, non-toxicity, anti-stickiness, and good elasticity and sealing.