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4 Advantages Of Pe Gasket

Update:06 Aug 2020

Compared with other common rubber sealing rings, Pe Gasket has the following significant advantages:


1. Good aging resistance. Its aging resistance is not only much better than ordinary rubber such as styrene butadiene rubber, natural rubber, and neoprene, but also better than butyl rubber, which is generally considered to have good aging resistance.


2. Good chemical stability. Long-term exposure to various polar chemicals during use will cause little change in performance. When other ordinary rubber comes into contact with various polar chemicals, it will obviously accelerate its aging process.


3. It has excellent resistance to compression permanent deformation and compression stress relaxation. Pe Gasket has very small compression set and slow stress relaxation, and its compressive deformation resistance is better than other ordinary rubber.


4. It has high flexibility. In general rubber, its elasticity is second only to natural rubber and butadiene rubber, and higher than other ordinary rubber.